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wearing black

Here is What Wearing Black Says About your Personality

“I’ll stop wearing black when they will invent a darker color” Wednesday Adams

As we all know that colors excite our minds and create energy in different ways. How we react to every color tells a lot about our personality. But when it comes to wearing black, it conveys a different message, it signals a desire to be in power.

According to an interesting analysis:

“When you are trying to impress someone, black is your color. There’s certain trustworthiness about it on a person that would make you hand over your life savings and thank them for the privilege. Black also has come first in many ‘good’ traits such as confidence, intelligence, and beauty; and barely figured in some ‘bad’ traits like arrogance.

Black is also considered to be a clear indication of “seriousness” as well as “reliability,” so it simply stands on top of the list of colors that both sexes find appealing to wear.


The answer is simple. Confidence! Many women and around 74% of the men suggest that black emits a classic look and self-sufficiency. It looks like the bold, classy, beautiful, confidence-boosting, and soothing color that ever exists on the Earth. No wonder it is also much suitable to wear at funerals and weddings as well.

Wearing Black helps you ward off anxiety and depression:

People who mostly wear black appears to be unstable, and usually, want the attention of other people about who they are and what they really want in life. Black is also a common monastic color, which represents as a symbol of repentance as well as simplicity.

People who love black, unintentionally seek to defend themselves against emotions that are too strong. Those people could easily get distracted and may overreact sometimes. They often struggle to ward off depression, anxiety and tend to stay focused.

I use to wear black a lot since school, black shirts, boots, sweaters, scarfs, and everything you could name.

People who wear black are highly emotional, but it doesn’t mean that they wear their emotions on their sleeves every time. In that way, they try to protect themselves and because emotional stability really matters for them.

According to psychology, the color black expresses power and prestige; they are also much ambitious and want others to respect them.

Common personality traits of people who love black:

  • People who love black, are confident!
  • They are also much sensitive
  • These people have quite rebellious nature and they don’t accept the authority
  • They always feel powerful and influential
  • They don’t get close to others so quickly, they build walls to protect themselves.

Some myths and statements that people who wear black suffers from depression, and have bad mood swings have largely proven false. If you love black, you can wear it as much as you want. If you want some change, then go use it with the combination of red or white.

Do you like wearing black? Why it inspires you among other colors?