This New Streaming Service Will Be a Headache For Netflix

The king of streaming services- Netflix is expected to see another major downfall in 2020. Its dominance will slip away gradually, as there is a new online streaming service will be introduced and is expected to take Netflix’s most popular TV show “Friends”.

Warner Media has announced that they are introducing their own streaming service which will be offering a plethora of engaging content- including Netflix’s top shows. This might be the bad news for Netflix as the service will be effective from 2020.

2019 has already been an unlucky year for Netflix, as the new streaming services from some traditional networks have a great number of built-in audiences that would be debuting later this year or next year.

Read on to further to learn the potential effects of this new streaming service on Netflix.

No more “Friends” to entertain:

HBO- Max will be the name of this new streaming service introduced by Warner Media. They have plans to unveil the most amazing content which will be unexpected trouble for the whole team of Netflix.

Netflix has already paid a huge amount of $100 million to stream “Friends” which is the most show on Netflix so that people can watch in 2019 as well. but that is coming to an end now because “Friends” is migrating to HBO Max soon.

Netflix has already acknowledged its loss and said goodbye in the latest tweet.

Another major loss faced by Netflix:

It looks like 2019 is a real bad year for Netflix because it has also faced another major loss. Because Disney has already announced some details about its new channel called Disney Plus. The channel is aimed to stream all the interesting Disney films and the most popular Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as “Star Wars” franchises.

The sad part is, Netflix also had proper licensing rights to all the famous Disney products. But that has also come to an end on 12th November after the launch of Disney Plus. Netflix’s trouble got increased when Disney started to operate HULU which is their top competitor.

Apple’s new streaming is also coming soon:

Apple’s new streaming service is also about to launch which is called AppleTV+, and all set to offer some most inspirational and trend content about Hollywood players includes Oprah Winfrey and J.J. Abrams.

NBCUniversal has also launched its own streaming service. This is unlike the other new services, as they will continue to license their products to multiple streaming platforms and will keep their rights to certain other shows as well.

Therefore, Netflix is trying hard to find its way back with its popularity and to continue showing original movies and TV shows. The results are so contradictory so far and we can expect anything. But it’s also true that the “Stranger things” season 4 has awarded them epic popularity because of the excellence and uniqueness of the content.

What’s new on HBO-Max?

So, besides the most popular show “Friends,” which has 236 episodes, there are lots of other shows as well that will be streaming on HBO Max.

What else could you expect? There is one popular show of Will Smith, named “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. HBO Max will have a series of some original films and programs, which includes some most interesting horror TV shows by Stephen King and other popular authors.

Reese Witherspoon is also going to produce two movies for HBO Max. Some other original pieces will include “Pitch Perfect’s” as well as the “The Big Bang Theory” by alum Kaley Cuoco. CW will show “Batwoman” also plans to stream exclusively on HBO Max, along with multiple other network shows.

HBO Max has plans to combine some of the content from HBO with some original shows as well as other programming ideas from Warner Bros., New Line, and DC Entertainment.

So, it’s the time to say goodbye to all the “Batman” films streaming on Netflix and on different platforms.

I think everything is quite clear now. However, the question is, is HBO Max different from other platforms like HBO Go, and HBO NO.

What would happen if “Game of Thrones” starts popping up on HBO Max? It might possibly one day, you never know. Well, HBO Max has not offered any such essential details, but it might create some confusion once the service hits in 2020.

The platform is expected to in the Spring season 2020. HBO Max has claimed that the service will have almost 10,000 premium content hours after the debut.

Other than these, the outside, Lovecraft country, the nevers, the guilded age, avenue 5, the undoing, the plot against America, I know this much is true and Perry Mason will become the part of HBO Max soon.

So, probably, you won’t have access to get all such new streaming services or you could even suffer. How would you pick and select?

Is it more costly than Netflix?

If the major concern is cost, Disney Plus would cost $7 per month only. And the standard Netflix package we all know is $13 per month.

However, for HBO Max, there is no pricing announced soon. According to some reports, the service would cost more than $17, but most probably it would be bundled with Cinemax and HBO. And that’s not a worse incentive indeed.

But if you are more concerned about the content, you have a choice. Because if you can’t live without “The Avengers” or “Friends” then you know what’s the right choice to make. And definitely, it wouldn’t be Netflix in the coming year.

According to a survey, there will be more and more streaming services launch More which will show on-demand content and on-air according to user’s request. They will also have the options to watch live TV. All these things will soon add up to your streaming bill and might surpass the cable costs as well.

So, get ready to stream all new and fresh content on other platforms as well, because you will have a lot more choices that won’t screw you up, I am sure!