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6 Things I Do Everyday

6 Things I Do Everyday to Make My Life Better- Best for You as Well

Do you know, we all have the power to put a positive spin on every single day?

The way we think, the way we perform everyday activities, and the way we connect with people around us play a key role in how we want to spend our life.

Trust me, if you only spend 5 minutes in a day thinking about all the things that you have right now, you can shift your entire mindset and mood for the day- as your heart will be filled with gratitude!

Yes, that’s true. I have been practicing the same. I carve out a maximum of 5-10 minutes every day to practice positive self-talk. It helps me identify my areas of negativity and motivates me to think and act positively- especially in not-so-pleasant situations.

Well, that’s not the only thing I want to pinpoint. Certain other factors need to be discussed for making our lives better. Despite working so hard on these goals, I am still in the process to implement these six things in my life every day so I can spend it in a better way- at least the way I want!

Practice Gratitude:

The first and foremost thing I try to include in my life is- practicing gratitude. No matter how many complaints I have about my life, myself, and other things, I still try to practice gratitude every day. And it really works, trust me.

I was a person who always questions about things that we have no control over, but gradually now I am becoming a person who tries to understand things the way they are… and if something we have no control over it, then just learning to let it go and do not complain…! Well, I am still in the process, I hope I will soon achieve this, but who knows haha…!

Set Intentions for the Day:

Planning is important. It keeps you disciplined and motivated. That’s what I learned in my 7 years of a writing career.

And that’s exactly the reason, I set intentions for my day. The moment I open my eyes in the morning, I start planning activities for the entire day. And believe me, it keeps me so productive. And sometimes, if I miss anything that I have planned for the day, I feel very anxious and displeased. That’s awkward but that’s how it is.

Enjoy some “Me” Time:

It’s very very important. Unfortunately, I realized it too late.

When I stepped into my professional life, all I did was, work, eat, and sleep. And that’s what most people do.

But now, I try to enjoy some “Me” time. Do everything that makes you happy. Whether it’s cooking, watching TV, reading books, exercising, or anything. These days, I am trying to improve my makeup skills, funny haha! But that’s why I mentioned it “Me” time when I just focus on me and nothing else!

Read A lot:

Since I am a writer, reading and research are included in my everyday activity. Thanks to this, I am actually loving the idea of reading, and now I try to read a lot and a lot. From simple makeup guidelines to exploring the horizons of digital marketing, everything is on my reading list.

Apart from increasing my reading and writing skills, it just soothes my nerves. Try it, I bet you will love it.

20 Minute Walk at Home:

Well, this is something many people try to do every day, but cannot do it consistently due to their busy work schedules.

I remember I worked on this idea before, but as I said we have busy work schedules, so I also got dumped the idea. But now, I am actually feeling the need to walk until I feel terribly tired.

It works a lot; I can think about too many things during my 20-minute walk that I usually skip during the whole day.

Eat Good Food:

Life is too short to eat depressing foods. Really, eating good food doesn’t only keep me healthy, but also boosts my mood and productivity.

My diet includes everything. From vegetables to snacks, and beverages to steaks, I enjoy eating all the good food- which is I assume a good change in me.

In the End…!

There are lots of things I am still planning to include in my to-do list. I hope one day I would be able to expand my list and might share 20, 30, or 50 things to do everyday to make my life better!

Till then, let’s work on these limited ideas!