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Solo Traveling- A Way Better Option than Dating

Solo traveling could be the most liberating and life-changing experience.

Try at least once!

Dating can be hard, and maybe an unpleasant experience of your life. People feel under pressure to meet even if they consider someone a special part of their life.

Perhaps as a single person, we get negative towards dating. Because we are already living in a depressive society, where everyone feels less than worthy; especially if you are in your 30’s, you start avoiding people who are not good to your mental health. And this is absolutely fine!

I was told, dating is all fun and exciting- there is nothing bad if you find someone who gives you many unique experiences, allows you to grow and help you determine your goals. But I think this is normal. There is nothing unique in finding ‘that one’. You always become dependent upon that special one, and they become your support system. So, what’s so special in that? This can’t be a life-changing thing, and this doesn’t make you stronger and confident unless you feel something solely by yourself.

If you are single and feel dating isn’t your kind of thing, then traveling can definitely be a perfect way that enriches your life with so many wonderful experiences as compared to getting involved in some ‘dating scene’. I believe it’s a completely different way that builds up your character, boost confidence, fills up your life with experiences & stories and eventually help you become a person who people dream to date with.

You are free to create your own experience:

When traveling alone, you are free to create your own best experience and control how long you need to stay each place. You can make independent decisions totally based on your personal desires. But in a relationship, you need to follow someone else’s desires too, especially when you two are totally different persons. And eventually it gets out of control sometimes, and you are failed to create a memorable traveling experience. You cannot gain a sense of freedom while traveling and someone is constantly pushing you to change your decisions based on their own likes and dislikes.

Traveling improves mental health:

Solo traveling can be helpful enough to open your mind and carves out some unique and positive experiences that can benefit your state of mind and you reach some high happiness levels. It simply adds fresh perspectives and strengthens your mindset. Relationships demand hard work and fulfilling expectations, while there are many benefits to a good relationship, but still dating someone who is not your true match can simply bring more mental exhaustion and feelings of unhappiness.

You can freely move from one place to another:

Relationships are quite restricting sometimes. Because you always have another person to keep in mind while making any decisions and have to respect their opinions too. Compromise is a must thing in any relationship, but when you want to travel the big wide world, you don’t want to answer anyone to, you just want to follow your own dreams. You want to roam freely without any restrictions, no consulting and no discussions.

Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely!

Dating someone and traveling with them simply means that you are very reliant on that person being around and you always need them to make new experiences.

Hence, when they are not around, you start inducing feelings of loneliness and can’t feel the desire to travel without them. You might have heard how people in bad relationships feel lonely despite being in the same room with their so-called favorite person. With solo traveling, you learn how to be alone without being sad & depressed, and you simply realize being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely in the whole world.

Traveling also restores your faith in humanity when you realize how many wonderful people you are surrounded by and willing to help you establish new friendships and relations.

You learn to solve problems by yourself!

With traveling, you explore, discover and learn different new things. But sometimes, you have to make decisions on the spot and learn to solve all kinds of issues that may arise. It looks like an amazing way that builds your confidence. Being in some relationship simply means that you are depending on a person to sort out problems.

Whatever age you are… do what makes you feel happy & satisfied. Spending your life with regrets only create depression and you feel unable to achieve your goals. Remember, you are always capable to form new relationships at any phase of life, but for traveling, you need a specific time, age and lifestyle. Never feel restricted to do it alone or develop any fears of being rejected by society just because you want some time alone discovering new things.

So, traveling, or dating- what is your choice?