Shocking Effects of Smoking on Woman’s Health

Sure, Cigarettes are equally dangerous for both men and women. But mainly, smoking is generally considered more of a male pursuit, that’s why when we see a female holding cigarette, we feel a little uncomfortable around her; especially in Pakistani culture where female smokers are often frowned upon, and as a result they have to smoke in secret.

Cigarette craving is one of the major reasons why smokers find it hard to quit. This strong urge can usually be evoked by sensory cues and stress. According to research, females experience stronger craving than males in response to stress, but men are generally more responsive to environmental cues. Both males and females do not differ in their desire to quit smoking. However, women are 31% less likely to quit successfully.

Well, we cannot deny the adverse health effects of smoking on both males and females. But due to the gender differences, females are more susceptible to smoking and they have to suffer more at every phase of life.

Another interesting study reveals that men smoke to feel more alert, positive and vigorous, and enjoy the feelings associated with the habit. However, females smoke because they find it stress relieving and relaxes their nerves. Nicotine promotes more aggression in men, but it has many calming effects on women. Females also appear to be more likely to smoke to help control their weight.

Smoking triggers early menopause:

Women who smoke are more likely to experience reproductive issues. They experience irregular and painful periods and have severe premenstrual symptoms. They also experience a 50% increase in cramps that usually lasts two or more days. And as a result, they have low estrogen levels that simply leads to mood swings and fatigue. Females smokers have to go through menopause at a young age and experience worse symptoms.

Smoking and Pregnancy:

Smoking experience trouble getting pregnant and wait long due to their hormonal disturbances. And if you do become pregnant, the nicotine harms your baby badly. When your baby is exposed to nicotine during pregnancy, it would severely affect its development during and after birth,

During pregnancy, smoking causes numerous problems for your baby, which includes:

  • High risks of premature delivery
  • Greater risks of serious birth defects, such as cleft lip or cleft palate.
  • Lowest possibility of healthy weight,
  • Least possibility to have normal brain development during and after childbirth.
  • Higher chances to die from sudden infant death syndrome.

20 times higher risk of dying from lung cancer:

Females exposed to cigarettes are twice as likely to develop lung cancer than men. Women who smoke two or more packs of cigarette per day develop the risks of dying from lung cancer which even increases 20 times than women who do not smoke. Research says, lung cancer deaths among female smokers have got increased by 400%, which even exceeds breast cancer deaths.

Smoking ages women:

Female smokers have more facial wrinkles, dental decay, halitosis, and gum disease. One research states that female smokers had gone grey by age 45 and the risk gets double by the age 50.

Depression and anxiety disorders:

The Surgeon General’s study reveals that female smokers have higher chances to experience severe depression and anxiety disorders than the woman who doesn’t smoke. They have to go through a difficult life event, more vulnerable to drugs and alcohol and have lots of other medical issues that cause unknown anxiety symptoms. They feel grumpy, easily frustrated and restless. They even feel worthless and develop thoughts of dying or hurting themselves.

Smoke-free women cannot only run a stronger & healthier family but can also play their part in human development. She is a real architect of society but when she becomes vulnerable to these bad additions, she can never be able to achieve her goals and dreams. Quitting can surprisingly improve the quality of your life, and you will feel more empowered and prouder of your success.