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Why Pakistan Keeps Banning Tiktok?

Tiktok continues to grow over 1 million downloads so far, yet we are in the process to decide whether to TikTok or not, unfortunately!

Pakistan keeps banning Tiktok for inappropriate and indecent content. Despite all the strict policies and regulations, there are millions of videos on Tiktok that are causing serious troubles in different areas- which is why Pakistan has banned the app for the 4th time in 2021 when a private citizen filed a complaint against hosting obscene content.

Is that Promoting Vulgarity and Obscenity in Youth?

The citizen accused the company of promoting vulgarity in youth through different videos that are doing no good to anyone. According to Sindh High Court, the ban will stay in place till the next hearing.

One of TikTok’s representatives told the media, “The TikTok ban is effective from today”. The company has removed more than six million videos in Pakistan in the past three months. More than 15% of the content was based on adult nudity as well as sexual activities.  

We still can’t make an opinion whether PTA should make more rigorous laws and inflexible policies or just keep banning the app for all, even for those who are using it to spread positivity.

A Permanent Ban or Not?

And now this fourth ban in 2021 right before three months when the app got banned for the same reasons.  These repeated cycles of bans and unbans are quite disturbing for social media influencers and most people now compare it to the pandemic waves.

In fact, one of the Twitter users said that there might be more waves of the TikTok ban than Covid in Pakistan. And many people are still debating whether is it good to ban Tiktok in Pakistan or not.

Some Common Reasons Behind Repeated Bans:

According to many people, Tiktok’s algorithm is more biased towards promoting negative videos. Instead of promoting good and useful videos, it keeps displaying the ones that shouldn’t be viewed regardless of age or gender. There are millions of good videos, but all you get is negative and obscene content in your feed. In fact, if a user reports some video, it might take forever to take any solid action. Unfortunately, the situation is prevailing all over the globe.

As compared to that, platforms like Instagram and Facebook are extremely strict in their policies when it comes to spreading negative content or abusive videos.

Yes, Tiktok always takes action against negative content, but it’s either too late or TikTok has promoted that content to thousands of people already. Some of the videos even promote bullying and harassment which is definitely quite harmful for the young generation.

There was even a trend when creating funny videos of disabled people was promoted by TikTok. And this is definitely the worst thing anyone could ever consider. If the app doesn’t change the algorithm or make strict policies, we will be far from being a civilized nation.

Besides, Pakistan wants to establish a more business-friendly climate for foreign companies which was said by Fawad Chaudhry after the second ban was lifted in April 2021. However, the country’s courts are also under pressure from conservative groups who don’t want “immoral” and “obscene” content promotion. Nevertheless, the courts are also not intending to support this ban for long.

The reason is, we still need some more solid points that support the permanent ban of Tiktok. President Arif Alvi has also joined Tiktok a few days back, which signifies that Tiktok is not a negative platform, but it should only be used for spreading the right messages that implant positivity among youth.

So, after analyzing the whole situation and facts, do you really think Tiktok should be banned in Pakistan? Or just come up with more effective rules and policies for people who create objectionable content?