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Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage- What’s Your Choice?

According to my favorite bestselling author Kate Stewart, “A Perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other”. Especially if you are married to the person who you loved the most, you won’t even think about giving up on each other for one second, because you two share a very strong and unbreakable bond. Agreed?

I must admit that marriage is a long-life commitment. You have to be willing to make countless sacrifices and compromises to make your marriage work. However, before experiencing that taste in life, you need to decide whether you prefer a love marriage or arranged marriage.

Now depending upon your life experience, if you are a happy love marriage couple, you must be thinking that yes, love marriage is the best. But if you are an arranged marriage couple, you may think sometimes, what if I would get married to a person of my own choice, what if I would get a chance to fulfill my dreams with a person who is exactly according to my likes and preferences? And here… you stop dreaming anymore… because you know things cannot be reversed or changed!

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic.

There’s been a constant debate around love marriage or arranged marriage for decades, but still, we couldn’t analyze what’s the best option, and which works well for a happy future.

So, let’s dig deeper and highlight some advantages and disadvantages of both love and arrange marriage, and decide what’s the best choice.

Why should you prefer a love marriage?

In a love marriage, you have the freedom to get married to a person of your own choice. You just tell your parents, two families meet and if you have been lucky enough, you get a chance to spend the rest of your lives together.

  • When you get married to a person of your own choice, you can easily share anything with him. You know each other a lot and you have a strong understanding- which does not cause any serious conflict.
  • Planned lives, planned dreams, and planned futures give more happy results than unplanned (arranged) ones.
  • You respect each other’s opinions and take better care of each other’s feelings.
  • In a love marriage, you get more possessive, and this is something very special and sweet.
  • Love marriage couples can even eradicate some bad social customs like dowry and expensive gifts with their mutual consent because they are free to make their own choice by giving value to each other’s responsibilities and financial terms.

Are there any drawbacks to love marriage?

Well, not many, but yes. There are few drawbacks of love marriage as well. Like:

  • Sometimes people confuse temporary attraction with love. They take their decision of marrying their favorite person, but unfortunately ends up worst when they get to know each other with time.
  • In love marriages, couples have a lot of unrealistic expectations of each other. Both persons set high expectations for being treated nicely. But unfortunately, they end up with desperation and a lot of unmet expectations.
  • Above all, in love marriage, we do not often go for the status or family background. All we are concerned about is, the person we love. And this ends up worse because economic conditions, environment, and background check matters a lot.

What makes arranged marriage a good option?

According to a common saying, love in love marriages usually get fade with time, however, not is the case in an arranged marriage. In contrast, your love grows stronger.

  • In the case of Arranged marriages, families inquire about each other’s background, social status, and financial conditions. So, there is always a high chance to connect with a family that has similar terms to yours. This prevents you from trusting people blindly that usually happens in love marriages.
  • Parents always consider the future and economic conditions to save their children from future troubles.
  • Couples usually become more conscious about each other’s family so they can adjust well and support each other.

Are there any drawbacks to an Arranged marriage?

Yes, just like love marriages, arranged marriages have their own drawbacks such as:

  • The couple doesn’t have a great understanding of each other in arranged marriages, they do not know each other well, so there is a great chance of difference in opinions.
  • Arranged marriage features a lot of submissiveness to their elders, they are just bound to each other, which usually restricts them from getting a divorce, even if they are not happy together.
  • Couples with arranged marriages may feel comfortable discussing everything with their partners even after years. Because they still get failed to develop a powerful understanding which may cause a lot of problems after marriage.
  • Above all, in the name of arranged marriages, forced marriages are getting common where girls or boys are least interested in making this relation, which often creates issues between couples.

Wrapping up:

Whether you support a love marriage or arranged marriage, every relationship works well if both the partners are serious, honest, and respectful to each other. Because marriage is a two-way process, you give, and you receive. Give love, care, and loyalty and receive more love and submission naturally. Though we shouldn’t make any of these complications.

Because I think marriage is our very personal decision, which should always & always be made with the consent of two persons. If they think they can live happily together and want to spend their life with each other no matter what, then parents shouldn’t impose their opinions or decisions on them. They should understand that they can’t force them to get married with their choice. Because if they will impose their decisions, the children might end up suffering from the wrong person for the rest of their life. So, whatever decision you take, make sure that this is going to make YOU happy!