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Lessons I Learned from My 7- Year Writing Career

Sometimes, when we read a book or a story, it changes our life. We associate the characters and the story with our personal life. These characters and the story have a profound impact on our lives, and it changes us in some regard.

Yet I believe, any change, whether it’s a personal or a professional one, completely transforms our life, thinking and of course behavior.

I never thought of becoming a writer. Never!

It was out of my league and I always considered it a boring idea. But the fact is, when I push something away from me, it attacks me more blatantly.

And that’s what exactly happened like 7 years ago. I don’t know how and why I stepped into this field, but it was a bad experience at that time. No, I don’t regret my decision. Because it helped me learn the biggest lessons of my life, as well as I, met people who helped me grow and now have become an important asset of my life.

Writing, whether it’s an essay, article, or biography- always teaches you about yourself and other people. It simply allows you to plumb new depths of life and your mind.  It also teases out those hidden feelings and emotions which you would never have known or considered.

However, after accepting the facts, and joining a group of professional writers, I learned some significantly amazing things which I would love to share with my readers.

I learned to deal with criticism (constructive & destructive):

I believe constructive criticism helps you learn valuable things. You can reach new boundaries and you might achieve great success in your future as well. And yes, it helped me grow and made me stronger.

But when I experienced destructive criticism from my very own fellows, it demotivated me not only in my professional life but personally as well. But you know what, now when I look back, I feel more grateful to those who demotivated me. Because it sparked my inner self. It created a passion in me to do a perfect job. And yes, that worked well.

Now, I gladly face every type of criticism because I take it positively, and it boosts me to excel more in my writing profession.

Thanks again guys, you made me stronger and passionate!

I learned to accept help from my fellows:

You should never feel offense taking help from other professional writers in your circle who might have more grip on the topic you are covering. I learned when you take guidance from your colleagues or seniors, you can always find the light inside of you. It helps you gain more exposure, and you think deeply over the elements that were skipped from your mind.

We writers are also normal human beings. We can make mistakes and often forget to include the important part in our piece. But when you discuss your points with someone, you can better learn new things that might change your perspective.

Asking questions from seniors does not make you an awfully weak person with less knowledge, instead, it enlightens you with something exceptionally important.

I learned to accept rejection!

Rejection is the most unpleasant part of this profession. In fact, it’s a big nightmare for writers like me. But the truth is, as soon as you accept this reality, you better become a mature writer.

So, like it or not, rejection is also a part of the process, and being a writer, I face this countless times in my career.

Rejection is an inherent part of this profession. But above all, it doesn’t represent the quality of your work; it’s not like that your work sucks, but maybe is not an appropriate piece of the magazine or a website.

So, I learned the fact that, if J.K. Rowling can get rejected, so why not me?

The important thing is, I never quit. I try and try again until I make it better. And that’s what makes you a good writer, I guess.

What do you think?

I learned to become persistent:

Do you know what’s an important requirement for writing?

Optimism and persistency.  

Let me tell you a bitter fact. It happens very very rare when you get accepted by a reputable website or a magazine and they actually get inspired by your work.

I have experienced the same fact. After getting rejected from a popular news website in Pakistan, I tried harder and harder, just to see my name in their publications.

Luckily, it got happened.

There is nothing wrong if you accept your mistakes and weak points. Because these weak points are actually your path to success!

In the end, I would just highlight one thing for my readers. Never get disappointed or feel discouraged if you hear anything bad about your writing. Because the minute you get displeased, you lose all the hope and faith in your abilities- which is definitely the biggest loss for yourself!