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Is Pakistan a Safe Country to Travel?

The most frequently asked question “is Pakistan a safe country to travel”? is finally answered.

Yes, its clear from the sources that Pakistan is the safest country to travel for tourists of all the genders.

I agree that the country has a tumultuous past as it has experienced some worst terrorist attacks and there was a significant rise in violence against different communities.

There are still some serious security issues in different remote regions of Pakistan, but after years of struggle, vigilance, and hardships against terrorism, we take immense pride in saying that Pakistan is now a safe country to travel.

How Pakistan is a safe place to travel?

It’s not only safe for locals but for foreigners as well. The country has turned the worst situation around and most of the areas are safe and fun to travel to even with families.

The country has so much to offer. From ancient history to fascinating culture and most stunning valleys and mountains, making Pakistan a beautiful country to visit.

While most western countries are still against visiting Pakistan due to past attacks, but the tourism industry is now steadily growing in all aspects. They are trying to rebuild the country as one of the thrilling adventurer spots.

Some spectacular areas of Pakistan:

Some spectacular areas of Pakistan that attract foreign attention are very safe for tourists. The areas include Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and northern regions like Gilgit, Baltistan, fairy meadows, Karimabad, Naltar valley etc.

Home to delicious food and cuisines:

When it comes to food, Pakistani food is the safest and most delicious among all. People love everything about Karahis, cooking pots that utilize a whole host of simmering, tomato-based goodness with tender chunks of meat and onions and ghee thrown in for good measure. SUPER delicious.

Is Pakistan safe for women too?

Pakistan is also much safer for women. You won’t find any safety concerns for women regarding terrorism. Nevertheless, if are heading towards the beaten track areas or get your NOC to a restricted area, probably wearing a local dress while covering your hair would be the smartest move.

Women should even refrain from giving their contact details out to men they do not know, as harassment via text is also getting common and a significantly more legitimate concern than terrorist violence.

What About International Cricket?

Unfortunately, International teams stopped visiting Pakistan to play cricket since a terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore in March 2009. Though the Sri Lankan players escaped the brutal attack on their van, the incident was enough to discourage international teams from visiting Pakistan.

After the attack, International Cricket left the Pakistani Shores for 7-8 years. That was an extremely disappointing moment for Pakistani nation.

However, the security situation in Pakistan has already improved since the military launched a major anti-insurgent offensive in the northwest last June. And after that, Zimbabwe agreed to come for a short tour which ultimately brought hope that big-time cricket could be about to return.

Another welcome ray of light for fans was when New Zealand team announced its tour to Pakistan for a limited-overs series in September and October, for the first time since 2003.

But unfortunately, The New Zealand cricket team cancelled its tour of Pakistan, informing the PCB of a “security alert”. The Pakistan prime minister spoke personally to the prime minister of New Zealand and informed her that we have one of the best intelligence systems in the world and that no security threat of any kind exists for the visiting team.

West Indies cricketer Darren Sammy showed huge disappointment:


Dennis Security Threat further remarked:

You should be here to say anything about security situation in Pakistan. While sitting thousands miles away one cannot cast suspicions over country’s ability to deliver without touring it. Come to Pakistan and only then you could judge the security here

So, do your research before you come to Pakistan. Its not an intimidating thing when someone invites you over to his place, because he may want to introduce you with the family. But it’s a very frustrating thing when you find that despite all traveling adventures and safety concerns, Pakistan is still highlighted as a dangerous country to travel to which should be corrected immediately to save the image of the country.