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How to Pick the Longest-Lasting Roses? Tips from Professional flower delivery in Adelaide

Once our favorite writer Emma Goldman said:

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck”.

Especially when it’s a red, red rose all wet with dewdrops and green backdrops wrapped in a beautiful bow, it simply steals your heart away!

It’s not a surprising fact that roses dominate the entire flower kingdom, especially when you want to pour your heart out to your dear ones, nothing could work well than a bunch of dazzling roses! Agreed?

Whether it’s a birthday occasion, wedding anniversary, or Valentines’ Day, roses are always here to cherish your recipient’s heart with their sweet aroma and crispest petals.

However, the sad fact is, roses wilt fast and show the sign of decay within just a few hours. Yet the good news is, you can follow a couple of effective tricks to pick the longest-lasting bouquet of roses that leave your loved ones wowed with their freshness, color, longevity, and fragrance.

So here, we have come up with some amazing tips by professional flower delivery in Adelaide that ease the process of choosing long-lasting roses for your dear ones so you can convey your heartwarming message without saying a word!

  • Analyze the appearance of your bouquet carefully:

Make sure you are choosing a fresh-cut bouquet that has the delicate and crispest petals rather than the ones that are faded or dull. If your roses are pale-looking or have little faded colors than the original look, then it means they are soon going to die.

Especially if you see that your roses are turning brown and yellow, then it’s recommended to reject them at the spot. Because their petals are soon going to drop off or wilting. So, it’s best to analyze their appearance carefully and get a fresh, and healthy bouquet with red blooming petals.

  • Shop from your online florists as early as you can:

If you want to get fresh-cut roses for your partner that lasts long, it’s advised to shop from a reliable online florist as early as possible.

Because when you shop early, you get access to some fresh, healthy, and perky blooms that have soft petals with a sweet aroma.

Generally, your local flower shops or supermarket bouquets are created every day and might have been sitting too long in the display that fades up their overall appearance and eventually they start turning pale. However, in the case of online flower delivery Adelaide, you always get lasting and perky flowers as they are available from local growers and only created on request, so they are more likely to remain fresh and healthy.

  • Add green backdrops to your bouquet:

A bouquet of roses in one plain color without any additional blending looks decent and much attractive. However, if you want some increased lifespan of your bouquet, it’s not recommended to add the plain colors alone.  

Ask your florists to add some green backdrops such as healthy geranium leaves or long ferns, so it could look more professional, fresh, and attractive arrangement. Also, make sure the green backdrops look fresh and healthy and also free some harmful speckles and insects.

  • Buy roses in Spring- the most ideal time of the year!

Roses are usually said to be ever-blooming. They bloom throughout the season, on and off.

However, there is always a special time of the year when every flower blooms in full swing. And just like most flowers, for roses, it’s definitely Spring.

You can expect them to bloom in full form when their first growth starts in between 6-8 weeks in the spring. Roses need almost six weeks to bloom full and look mature.

Now the first bloom of that season appears after six weeks and looks more fresh, spectacular, and awesome than ever which means this is the most ideal time for them to bloom. And ultimately for you too, so you can buy and present to your dear ones. Because when you buy roses in Spring, they are more likely to remain fresh for a long time as compared to other times of the year.

  • Choose young roses emerging from the bud:

When you buy a bouquet of fresh roses, you should always choose the young bunch of flowers instead of already grown ones. Because the youngest flowers are grown from the small bud already, so they are more likely to look fresh with a long lifespan.

Now the most recommended thing is, get buds from the local flower shop and allow them to bloom underwater in a vase.

When they bloom out fully, wrap them in a beautiful bow and send them to your dear ones. Because freshly bloomed out flowers have a longer lifespan. They can survive for days as compared to the already grown roses that can only last for 2-3 days.

True Romance’ bouquet by OZ Flower Delivery:

If you are wondering where to buy such fresh-cut roses that live long, don’t worry. You have an option to rely on OZ flower delivery services in Adelaide that provide True Romance bouquet featuring a classic cube arrangement of one dozen red roses- truly for your loved ones!

Whether you are surprising your friend on her big day or just planning to propose to your crush today, you can always count on buying a bunch of roses that help you deliver the message effectively.

However, if the roses have fresh and long-lasting attributes, then they can surely leave a lasting impression on your recipient and they would always love the vibe whenever they touch or feel the petals. So, make sure you are choosing the bouquet that features all the above-mentioned elements so you can communicate more love, admiration, fascination, and gratitude.