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how to deal with rejection

How to Deal with Rejection in a Positive and Healthy way?

According to a famous saying “sometimes rejection in life is redirection”.

Redirection towards a happy, successful, and more prosperous life. However, most of us are failed to understand, unfortunately!


Because rejection hurts. It badly hurts and kills your dreams. According to recent research, when people get rejected, they often feel anxious, depressed, lonely, and sometimes jealous. I have also seen that after getting rejected from a job, or a social setting, people develop suicidal thoughts and believe that they are not enough for society, and they shouldn’t exist anymore.

But remember, if you are a mentally strong person, you find out ways to deal with rejection instead of bouncing back and developing negative thoughts. In fact, you respond to that rejection in a positive way and try to become better.

However, the question is, how to do that in a healthy way? How to fight back with the feelings of rejection or failure and how to get over it without feeling down?

So, if you have ever been rejected by someone or something in life, have a look at this article and learn some important tips to get over this phase.

Engage yourself in healthy habits:

Sometimes, there are just everyday things in our life that we have to deal with. Like a rejection by a family remember or a colleague, or maybe from a close friend who you would think to support you.  

Whatever it is, the best way is to engage yourself in healthy habits to overcome the effects of rejection.

When you engage yourself in some healthy habits, you are actually leading yourself in a positive lifestyle. Eat well, exercise properly, surround yourself with positive people and stay hydrated. These activities help you cope better and may divert your mind from negativity.

Never let rejection stop yourself:

Do not make rejection a reason to stop yourself from moving forward. For example, if you are working in a corporate environment but failed to learn an important skill then this is the time to not give up ever. In fact, take steps to develop those skills and learn ways to accomplish the objective.

Rejection shouldn’t stop you from your future endeavors because rejection is just like an inevitable part of your life that seems obvious.

Write down your feelings in a journal:

After being calm down and giving yourself an important time to understand things, it’s essential to pay attention to what you are feeling and how to get over those feelings. One of the best things to do is, write everything down in a journal or a notebook, it may help you soothe nerves and relieve your pain.

Write down every feeling and emotion and then pair them up with the thoughts you have in your mind. By doing this, you are going through the process of self-realization and better cope with rejection. You are not tangled in those feelings that are letting you down, instead, you are preparing yourself for a new vision.

Practice Self-affirmations:

Beyond acknowledging your feelings and emotions, also try to write some important and positive things about yourself that attract the right people towards you. In short, create a list of some strengths and weaknesses. And then read them out loud so your brain can actually visualize and work on those things.

When you know you are holding onto lots of positive things, you will have more feelings of self-affirmations and you will be feeling more confident, stronger, and positive. It will help you know who are you, and what do you really want, especially when you are facing a self-doubt condition where you doubt your own worth.

To conclude:

So, the next time you get rejected from a job, or a social setting, just remember there is nothing wrong with you and understand that rejection is a part of life that shouldn’t devastate you. In fact, you have to work for it instead of feeling down or sitting alone while thinking that you are doing no good to yourself or others.