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Fashion Debate- Brands vs No Brands

“Clothes are not going to change the world, the women who wear them will”

Anne Klein

Totally agree with Anne, wearing a branded dress or accessories won’t create any difference, but being a brand in yourself can actually create some difference.

For people who are extremely brand conscious and try making others feel embarrassed by their laughably expensive ‘price tags’, I would say that wearing brands doesn’t make you superior, and it shouldn’t make you a better or popular person; this is just for your own satisfaction and nothing else!

Now you must be wondering why I am so much against branded stuff. Well, I have different reasons for that, and I wish to shine some insight in this article.

Dressing to impress?

Wearing branded clothes or generic ones is a personal choice but boasting your brand and making others feel inferior is definitely not a sensible act.

Just like a few months back, a friend of mine had a visit. She brought me a branded dress worth Rs. 8000. Yeah, she told me the price as well just to make sure I am inspired by her generosity. I refused to take the dress by simply saying I do not wear branded clothes, especially that comes with such a heavy tag. And guess what? She said, “No, you should invest in yourself, you can afford it trust me.” A way to make others feel embarrassed without making them feel.

Invest in yourself?

By wearing branded dresses and accessories does really mean that you are investing in yourself?

Do you also think like that?

If so, then I am really feeling sorry. What planet are you in?

Because the real investment is not wearing branded dresses with heavy tags. The real investment is your personal development, focusing on your personal growth, setting a goal, and learning & growing in a way that defines your existence.

I understand that there are a lot of people in the world who prefer branded clothing over generic ones, for numerous reasons. But the point is why making others feel less? Why showing your wealthiness when nobody gives a damn?

Is that waste of money?

Everybody knows that branded clothing and accessories costs you more than the generic ones. Why would people don’t wear a shirt worth Rs. 6000 with a logo attached behind, than simple random stuff which has almost the same age and quality worth Rs 2000. I must say that there are many rational reasons behind it, but it also sounds like an emotional decision and to get ahead of the competition.

Oh yes, I forgot to discuss the competition. It doesn’t matter whether you can afford a shirt of Rs. 6000 or not, but to remain competitive in your social circle, you have to make that budget biting decision. Because your friends and family are also wearing branded stuff and you simply can’t afford to lose the competition.

On the other side, I won’t disagree with the fact that branding clothing and accessories also carries values and promises. By paying extra thousands, finally, you get a piece that helps other people understand you even without talking to you. (obviously, they don’t feel the need to communicate especially if you are boasting that superior tag)

You are a walking advertisement? Are you?

I believe the brand of your clothing is just a piece of advertisement that you are willingly choosing to carry around and showing your superiority. As I said previously, it just gives you a self-satisfaction, and you just want an association with that brand and tell it to other people. That’s all!

It gives you prestige, strength, sustainability, and whatever. But why are you feeling excited to wear the clothes that you will hardly wear once on some special event or occasion? Do you know there are weeks and years of planning from a huge amount of people behind this brand? They have successfully managed to accomplish this task of ‘grabbing your attention’ through their clever operations and you are simply doing work for them by advertising their pieces openly to the people around you. And not only that, you are paying many thousands to do that work for them. Wow! How super-genius are you?

Well, that’s a no-thanks for me absolutely.

Same, same but looks different to you; right?

For me at least, I see dresses as dresses with the fundamental function to dress you. Clothes range and styles vary greatly, but when it comes to price and looks, they all do the same thing. Therefore, it’s much harder for me to understand and swallow this argument that the difference in price is justifiable and you should spend extra thousands on some more ‘refined’ piece.

Every one of us expects that branded clothing is of higher value, but do you think is it always so? Is the generic, cheaper version being worst enough to carry on for simple occasions even? The fact is, most of the clothes we wear come from the same areas and the same factories in Indochina anyway. 

Why I choose generic clothing over branded ones?

Personally, I do not prefer wasting my money on their clever marketing tricks. I see clothes as clothes and failed to visualize that significant difference between branded clothing, and generic ones, with some exceptions. And the exceptions are, some brands have a clear mission of sustainability affecting the society.

Also, I don’t want to make myself as a walking advertisement for the clothing company by paying them for the right to carry their brand.

Lastly, as the biggest personal principle, I would always stick to the generic branding because I don’t need my clothing to dictate who I am. It’s more important to show my values, thoughts, and principles through my actions, not through the clothes I wear.

That’s why I choose NOT to compromise on my principles!