By reading history, we’ve come to know that pandemics have always changed the lives of the people. COVID-19 also known as Novel Corona Virus is spreading rapidly and has changed our life patterns. In the past few months, this virus has changed the way we interact. And the things we think can’t be changed at any cost have been disrupted- including holy celebrations of Easter.

As people are locked in their houses and are acting on social distancing rules, the tech has become an integral part of our lives to connect with the world. According to research more than one-quarter of the world is engaging in social distancing because of the restrictions imposed by their governments.

The measures we are taking these days will change our lifestyle in the future. Most of us are thinking that how we will make adjustments and go back to our old lifestyle once this pandemic will over.

Pandemic economic impact

According to economic experts, the world will develop a new system that would be capable enough to combat these kinds of pandemics successfully. And this system would definitely lead to a more financially stronger society. One thing we saw during this pandemic is, people have adopted the habit of saving more and spending less. In some cases, it is a good habit but from an economical point of view, it will affect the economic growth of the country.

The use of digital media accelerates

Now it has become clear the way people are using digital media daily to spend more time with their friends and family, manage their work online, perform business activities is ultimately taking digital media to a new level. Social distancing has become the reason for connecting people more electronically.

People are getting more creative and are sharing their happy hours, birthday celebrations, and even marriage ceremonies online. This growing use of technology will last forever and the people will become more connected to each other than ever before. It is nearly impossible that people will leave this habit even after the end of this COVID-19.


Online education system 

Due to the fear of COVID-19, it has become impossible to revert to the old education system. Nowadays, educators are using apps to connect to their students online but this system never substitutes the classroom environment. When things get back to normal the use of these apps will go down. This pandemic has taught us a lesson that education should never suffer no matter how intense the situation becomes.

If the world has ever again become the victim of any pandemic, we know how to run the education system. We will soon see new changes in the virtual education system, which could lead to universal online classes.

COVID-19 demands better health facilities 

The storm of this pandemic has shown that our health system is weak and it needs improvement to enable it to fight unknown viruses successfully. This pandemic has already changed the health care technology and demands a new robust health system and a variety of other equipment to keep a close eye on public health.

No doubt, this pandemic is changing our way of living. The precautionary measures we are taking now to save ourselves will change the way of our living in the future. The govt needs to think about rebuilding cities to stop the expansion of these kinds of diseases in the future.


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