blogging vs instagram

Blogger vs Instagrammer- Who are you?

She– I am a ‘blogger on Instagram’. Can you please promote my blog on your story?

Me- Sorry? Do you really think Instagram is a blogging platform?

She- Yes, it’s a blogging channel. I have 50,000 followers who love my content.

Me– Which type of content do you create?

She- I do not have a specific niche, I am a doctor by profession, but I share my personal life, and other things as well… just to build a community of followers who like and appreciate me.

Me- And why they should appreciate you as you are not doing anything for human wellbeing. (she was not a practicing doctor, and more like a fashion enthusiast.)

Me- You are just sharing your personal lifestyle, your expensive cosmetics, your skincare treatment, your luxury travel stories, your branded dresses, and your designer handbags.

Why should I promote you, you are a doctor but what significant contributions you are making to support the online community, especially in the current pandemic situation? Couldn’t see a single post about Covid-19 or other health care matters.

She- Do you have any problem with that? I am a personal blogger.

Me- Personal blogger who shares stuff straight with the public? (Haha..)

She- *Blocked*

(Since I was blocked, I couldn’t explain to her the difference between an influencer, a blogger, and an Instagrammer)

Well, this was a random conversation I had some time ago with this girl on Instagram who was trying to be an influencer, but she thought that she is a ‘blogger’ and asking others for promotion.

That was a moment when I regret my decision of being an ‘Insta blogger’.

Yes, I started Insta blogging too for a couple of months, just to jump on the bandwagon. My mistake.

But when I started to explore things with time, my perspective changed instantly.

I got to know that this is not blogging. This is kind of self-promotion, because I am not doing it for any cause or for a specific reason that could benefit anyone. It’s like I am just promoting myself and my lifestyle. Unfortunately, this is the thing that most bloggers are doing today.

I thought, what benefit I am going to offer to this world? Why should I tell people about myself, my priorities, and my lifestyle? Does the world really need to know what brands I wear and what’s my social life?

If I am not promoting myself, why should I promote others then? Why should I tell the world that this is a nice restaurant to eat at? This is a nice food to try, and this is the right bag to consider? Why should I tell others that I follow this skincare routine, and you should too? Funny huh?

As soon as I realized this, I quit Insta blogging.

What good you are actually doing to this world by telling others that you have a very happy family and a lavish home?

What is the purpose of sharing your travel pictures with the world if you are not appreciating nature or your Creator, and giving a solid message to the audience?

Need inspiration? Go and check Eva Zu Beck.  A deep thinker and definitely a great influencer for the world who shares her raw adventures in an extremely effective style.

Thanks to social media platforms becoming this much accessible for anyone, every single person can join and start creating whatever they want under the tag ‘blogging’.

I don’t know how many ‘Insta bloggers’ will remain my friends after reading the post, but I really felt important to pen this down.

With an increasing number of people calling themselves ‘Insta Bloggers’, I think this post is something you need to read today.

So, do you call yourself an Insta blogger too?

If so, then you are wrong. Because there is no such thing.

Blogger is a person who runs his own blog or a website. A person who posts content on his purchased domain. You don’t need to buy a domain necessarily unless you are an enthusiastic blogger and want to do something in the blogging world.

You can also create your free blog, using Google’s Blogger tool,, or

These are extremely good platforms for bloggers who want share everything they have in the head.

Your blog can also belong to some specific niche or multiple niches. Travel, Food, Technology or all of them in one.

You can simply be a food blogger, travel Blogger, gaming blogger, or tech blogger, etc. If you are a blogger with a purchased domain or with a free site, then it’s MUST to create your specific niche of interest to expand your writing experience.

You are an Instagrammer:

Instagram is the 6th ranked most used social media platform today with billions of monthly active users. The platform has gained immense popularity in recent years. I know many people who are just creating a lot of inspirational content on Instagram.

Getting back to the Instagrammer concept. Any person who has an account on Instagram and shares different content is an Instagrammer.

Now just like bloggers, Instagrammers too can different particular niches. One can be a Food Instagrammer, Travel Instagrammers, Fashion Instagrammer, and so on.

Creating a website is definitely not a requirement for Instagram. 

But please note that there is nothing like an Instagram Blogger or Insta Blogger.

I really feel let down when I see some posts with the title “How to become an Instagram blogger” or “10 best Instagram Bloggers who create great content”.

It’s clear:

  • If you have a website or a free blog site- you are a blogger
  • If you have an Instagram account- you are just an Instagrammer and not a blogger.

This post is specific for:

People who show off their personal lifestyle under the name of blogging. Especially some big brands and PR executives also do not recognize sometimes that person sharing photos and other content is not a blogger and just a random person with thousands of paid and useless followers.

I am not undermining the efforts of Instagrammers who spend day and night creating content. But you just need to understand the difference between a real blogger and a so-called blogger on these social platforms.

Blogging takes a lot of effort and brainstorming. It’s not as simple as clicking a picture of your branded lipstick and showing it to your followers.

If you don’t own a blog, you shouldn’t write yourself a blogger in your bio. It’s not ethically correct.

Facebook and Instagram are not blogging sites. These are social media platforms where you are sharing your stuff with not just one or two people but a whole lot of community who needs a true guideline and real content. Call yourself a traveler, adventurer, fashion enthusiast, geek, or a wanderlust. But not a blogger.