Online friends are the people you met during the conference or on any social media channel. We gravitate towards those profiles that seem unique to us or the stories of those friends seem similar to our life. Sometimes their life experiences become the reason of friendship. It is very easy to make friends online and exchange interests and feelings.

The internet facilitates us to share our activities online and inspire others to make them our followers and fans on Twitter & Instagram and then daily life friends on Facebook or Tumbler.

The internet has become a great medium to connect people from all over the world. Making internet friends is no longer a problem these days, just post your hot picture or interesting story on the internet and sit back to receive a lot of friend requests and likes. Some people think that online friendship is not reliable and it does not last long. They imagine that these long-distance friends are showing their false side to them and they are not showing what they are in real.

Surprisingly, some people are more authentic online than offline. It is hard to assess the honesty of these friends. However, one needs to be careful when trusting people in the online world.

Is it good to trust people on the internet whom we have never met in the flesh?

Obviously not, there should be a limit to how much we should be in touch with our online friends. Sometimes odd things happen when we involved ourselves deeply in the friendship. People become depressed and turn into jerks. The younger people should be very careful when making digital friends, they must not share their secrets or too much personal information with their friends.

As an online friend can disappear overnight so never get emotionally attached to online friends unless they also feel the same towards you.

Is there any benefit to online friends?

On the other hand, some internet friends are a great source to feel people hopeful, they are better than our real friends in comforting us and helping us in recovering from our emotional traumas. Nowadays because of the pandemic, we have seen that social distancing has created an isolation state. The people are online for hours to kill time and save their selves from boredom. The common interest has brought people much closer to each other.

According to research people who are hesitant in the face to face meetings speak confidently or express their selves confidently online. When people feel that they can express themselves without any fear of rejection or criticism, it becomes easier for them to get themselves to engage in a group chat or to crack a joke.

Bottom line

Whether you are making friends online or offline, it is better not to give them too much personal information. People should be very careful when sharing personal information. You will find many types of people on the internet some consoles you, while some will leave you depressed.

Making friends online have their own pros and cons, as long as you are using your common sense you can save yourself from being deceived.



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