“When you are excited to own and show off a certain brand name, it doesn’t mean you are cool. It means advertisers have defeated your natural-born independence”

An undeniable obsession with Apple’s products has been witnessed since the company launch iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XS.

But as Forbes says, the iPhone is no longer seen as a fashionable choice, especially in China where iPhone sales have fallen down quickly due to multiple loops.

According to Cupertino headlines, this week’s Apple embarrassing news includes the latest iPhone 12 leaks, serious battery problems with iPhone 11 and a rushed out iOS 13 release.

The recent results say iPhone is an embarrassing smartphone to have:

Sam Li, who works at a state-owned telecom company in Beijing, China switching from Apple to Huawei was also driven by this emotion.

He says: “It’s kind of embarrassing to pull an iPhone out of your pocket nowadays when all the company executives use Huawei.”

These notable sentiments are coming from higher authorities and people working in management roles of large companies; however, these choices are now being publicized and will possibly lead to some trickle-down effect in the market.

iPhone 11 and iOS 13 battery problems:

Since iPhone 11 launches in September, iOS 13 has observed numerous public releases and it’s facing an embarrassing factor that Apple is failed to resolve battery drain issues. It has been reported by countless users that the new builds of the iOS (which ships by default on the iPhone 11 handsets) are chewing through battery charges.

One of the famous YouTuber device help notes in his iOS 13.1.3 guide:

“There is one major issue detected with this software- weak battery, unfortunately”. The terrible battery conditions couldn’t let you spend a day even if you are not using it frequently. Moreover, when he released the video to showcase the battery conditions, there were 259 comments at the time of publishing which says the battery is not according to their expectations and almost 100 complained about iOS 13.1.3 battery drain impacting their iPhones.

iPhone 12 will turn up the 5G power:

As we know that Android-powered competition has already launched 5G handsets along with the amazing benefits of fast connectivity rates, so relatively Apple’s recent update to the iPhone 11 has now been standing in the slow lane. However, according to supply chain reports, 5G will be the part of every iPhone 12 in 2020 no matter what the size is.

According to the estimated sales target of 80 million 5G iPhones from the 2020 reports, every iPhone will be carrying 5G. Apple will take a totally different approach as compared to the old Android-powered rivals. Samsung’s flagship 5G handset has been a part of the Galaxy S10 family, but it was a kind of specific handset and the majority of S10 handsets have now topped the 4G connectivity speeds. It’s quite the same as OnePlus and the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G launched this summer.

The release of 13.2.1 update for Homepod users:

With the release of iOS 13.2 last week, Apple has now released its iOS 13.2.1.

The reason to launch this update is, the company wants to apply an immediate fix for their Apple HomePod users, a small number of users reported as being bricked by the OS update.

According to the last update released for Homepod users, iOS 13.2 update hs turned their speakers into brick-shaped, which immediately needs an improvement. So, in order to make it a little better, Apple released iOS 13.2.1 to spot the issues, but unfortunately, it didn’t fix anything.

Well, due to these loops in Apple, the company’s market share in China will continue to fall by the start of 2020; especially if the 5G and battery problems continue to rise.



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