You are staying at home because you are playing you have to save yourself and others from the COVID-19. As the COVID-19 is spreading rapidly it is necessary to stay home to practice social distancing in order to save not only yourself from this deadly virus but also others. You can perform many healthy activities to entertain yourself during the quarantine.

Staying home for weeks or months is not an easy task especially for those who are not used to it. If you are struggling to make yourself busy then you are not alone in this, many people these days are trying hard to involve themselves in some productive activity.

People locked in their own houses have developed lots of new ways not to entertain themselves but their kids as well. From watching movies or series on Netflix to baking new items we have compiled a list of things on how to make most of your Quarantine.

  1. Watch animated movies or documentary series to entertain yourself during the quarantine

Netflix is one of the most entertaining platforms that has a taste for everyone. If you have kids at home you can spend quality time with them by watching their favorite animated movie. Watch documentary movies that have never been your thing, make this time a great opportunity to learn about evolution. Habitats of different living things, their eating habits, the culture of different countries and much more can occupy you for hours.

  1. Read as much as you can to entertain yourself

Nothing can beat the importance of book reading. Immerse yourself in book reading, it covers many advantages. Aside from killing time books help to increase knowledge and also make it possible for you to learn new words. Our brain also needs some daily exercise to function properly, books are the best for the job. Books help to lower the stress, build vocabulary, and increase your imagination. Buy books from Amazon and get yourself immersed in books.

  1. Start writing about your social distancing experience

Make this social distancing a memorable period by writing articles, blogs, or journals. Living at home like this is a totally new experience for you, tell others how you are dealing with this new style of living and what you are doing to kill boredom. This will be great fun especially if you post your activities or share your feelings on social media. You will surprise to see the comments and likes on your stories and posts. Writing a journal help to save your memories during the quarantine. We are living in a period which will be discussed for centuries, give your next generation something to discuss.

  1. Do some exercise during the quarantine 

Laying lazily on a bed or couch may feel good for a while but you might get bored or restless after a few minutes. You can find dozens of virtual fitness programs on the internet, find the one that you can easily perform without giving your body a hard experience. You can also workout by watching videos on YouTube. For a workout you don’t need to transform your place into a gym, free up little space for workout.

  1. Start plantation to reduce stress level during social distancing

Grow your own quarantine plants during social distancing. Social distancing is about having safe distance from people not from plants. Grow some wonderful plants at home. According to researches spending time in gardening help to reduce anxiety and mental stress. Planting is something that can easily be maintained and can be done safely.

  1. Tune into your favorite cooking channels on YouTube

Millions of people are staying in their houses to stop spreading COVID-19 and practicing social distancing. With the shutdown of restaurants, many people have learned to cook at home not just for living but to entertain themselves too.  If you want to take your cooking to the next level then start preparing dishes by tuning into your favorite cooking channel. Check out the latest cooking hacks, you will find many easy cooking recipes online and on New York Times cooking section.

  1. Play indoor games to kill your time during quarantine 

Play the games you used to play in your childhood.  Card games, ludo, chess, badminton, table tennis, and many more games help you to kill your time. You can also play many games online with your online friends. Play Tic Tac Toe with your kids at home and see who of you has a better intelligence level. Involve yourself in some physical activity by playing musical chairs with your kids and family members. Play different games every day to make your social distancing period a memorable one.

Stay home stay safe

By staying home, you are playing your role as a responsible citizen of the nation. The more you stay indoors the less you get a chance to get caught by the deadly virus. Stay indoors and entertain yourself during quarantine by adopting different activities mentioned above. Remember that social distancing practice is the only way to help your government in controlling this disease.


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