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6 Reasons Why Horror Movies are Good for your Health

For a lot of people, horror movies bring fear. Even when I was 12, I was told to hide my eyes during the scary part; because it can have some negative effects such as anxiety, fear, mental trauma etc. But with time, when I grew up; I came to know that, horror movies don’t create fear, they release it!

That’s true, not for me only but for most of the people. Yes I understand that some movies are worth getting scared for, and you find no other way than covering your eyes during all the gory parts.

According to recent studies, horror movies can improve your mental, physical, and emotional health. 

Horror movies trigger your fight or flight response:

Horror movies get adrenal glands pump overtime. The combination of fear, danger and anticipatory suspense created by the techniques that horror movies use to scare, dig into our brain and trigger our fight or flight response.

Do you prefer staying and watch the action/horror on the screen? Or do you just run from the danger as soon as it starts scaring you?

Keep watching is a better option indeed. Because the energy boost you get from the adrenaline pumping through our system is just unbeatable- and natural as well.

Scary parts lift your depression:

According to research, depressed people always experience decreases in their adrenaline levels. The adrenaline jumps achieved when they watch horror scenes, which as a result can lift the depression and fill them with great excitement.

Anxiety, sadness, and desperate feelings can be firmly push back to make some room for empathetic excitement caused by the horror occurring on your screen.

Feeling afraid reduces anxiety:

Similarly, horror films are proved to be much healthy because they can provide better treatment for your anxiety. People who suffer from generalized or social anxiety prefer watching scary movies to meditate anxiety, it seems like a free drug that cures.

The horror plot can distract you from your anxiety, and you immediately get a rush feel-good hormones because of the adrenaline flowing through you. Right after the adrenaline dump, there would be a rush of serotonin that leaves you happy and chill.

They help you teach what NOT to do!

Sometimes horror movies act as a cautionary tales that warns you against some potential dangers, and weird behaviors. Sure, everybody knows that a child’s doll can never becomes possessed by an executed murder, (child’s play) but it also teaches you not to pick up hitchhikers. Moreover, a clown can never lives down a gutter and scares you while moving along the roadside. (IT- Chapter 1).

Thanks to all those scary movies which are based on true stories, you won’t be climbing up the stairs in the dark abandoned house, or get out from the car on a road covered by trees and woods.

Every horror movie has got a lesson for you, just need to concentrate deeply!

Creepy scenes desensitize you:

Total desensitization is maybe not your goal, yet it’s one way that horror movies can prove positive for your health. You don’t want to stop empathizing with the pain of other people, after all. However, people have phobias or fears that can strengthen up their defenses by watching a horror movie.

Confronting all the fears on the screen needs some confidence and bravery off-course. Your heart rate speeds up, and move in your chest just like a trip hammer. You feel sweating, your breathing starts quicken, causes you to output more carbon dioxide, and then you experience a fight or flight reflex.

Horror flicks burns calories:

Do you want to burn calories without moving out to the gym? Watch, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Saw series, Insidious, and The Conjouring.

The movies scare the hell out of you and, I am sure you will go through an emotional roller coaster caused by these terrifying movies. Watching these movies can burn most of the calories you wouldn’t believe

Now that you’re aware that horror movies are good for your health, do you plan to watch them more often? Which scary movie is your favorite?