Have you ever considered setting your financial goals?

Being in the 20s, it’s an exciting time because you have the freedom to make your decisions, set your goals, and create rules to achieve something unexpected.

However, it’s also a growing age when people do not understand the importance of independence and make bad decisions which often involve them in many big troubles. They invest their time and energy in bad habits and do not able to sense what’s good for them.

But if you realize, the big part of independence is simply being able to support yourself financially and staying away from things that can cost your time, energy and money.

That’s why to keep track of financial independence is extremely important if you want to achieve something big.

Here I have compiled a list of financial goals that you must achieve before age 30.

Create a monthly budget plan:

Paying off your debt and paying money is quite easy when you already have a budget plan in place. When you get back from work, sit down, enjoy a cup of tea and then write down all the expenses and earnings. Set some cash aside for bills, rent, entertainment, food, and paying off the debts and savings.

When you already have some amount set for monthly expenses, you will notice that you are saving money without spending on useless things.

Avoid impulse spending:

Impulse spending always reduces your savings, and even sometimes involves you in a hand-to-mouth condition, because it’s purely a waste of money and efforts. So, before buying something for you, it’s better to ask these questions first; do I really need this? Why I am paying for it? Does it cost more than it actually deserves?

The best rule of thumb is if you are paying with your savings, and then put it down immediately without a second thought. Try managing the things according to your weekly spending budget.

Get rid of luxury:

Most people rely on buying luxuries in daily life and cannot avoid things that are part of a luxurious lifestyle. It’s best to avoid these luxuries unless you are earning millions. It’s also better to track all the spending in a month and check if there is any money being wasted on useless things.

For example, many people prefer buying burgers, coffee, and junk food every single day; and then it becomes their habit. They cannot resist the temptation to buy expensive food. And eventually, they involve themselves in big trouble.

A clever and wise choice is swapping to homemade food. It could always make a big financial difference. Try cutting down the luxuries, and save money for later use or investment in some business. When you invest money in productive ways you will be able to earn lots of rewards that save you from huge troubles.

Pay bills on time:

One of the essential goals to achieve before 30 is, paying your bills on time. Unpaid bills can leave you in bad credit and you may suffer from financial anxiety. And eventually when they will pile up and will become harder to pay. It’s also recommended to stay on top of the bills by simply setting up automatic payment methods so you can never miss one.

Invest wisely:

Invest in some useful ways to increase your savings, but it’s also important to be sensible if you want to invest in your future. You can even get help from trained professionals, and they can support and guide you whenever you make investment decisions.


The general rule of thumb is to try and save 15% of your wage, and then slowly raise it up over 50% with time. Even this small amount will help you save a lot for your future and you can enjoy your spending without getting burned on budget.




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