With the outbreak of COVID-19, many people are forced to live in their houses for an unspecified period. What you are going to do to entertain yourself during quarantine? This is the best time to increase your knowledge and vocabulary while you are under house arrest by COVID-19.

The best thing that can help you to get of out stress during quarantine is a good book. If you want to escape from the chaos created by the news channels and social media channels then reading is the best option.

Here we have assembled the list of 3 best books to read during the self-isolation period.

Kristin Hannah – The Great Alone

It’s a story of a man returning from a Vietnam war when Ernt Allbright lost another job he decided to move his family to Alaska. The family desperately struggles to start a new life in an unpredictable environment. Caro the wife, is determined to do everything to help his husband. Their only thirteen-year-old daughter Leni like other teenagers of her age try to tackle everyday problems with greater self-confidence.

When Leni falls in love with the only age mate in the town. The story takes another turn and resembles more to Romeo and Juliet. If you are searching for a happy-ending light romantic story with the description of beautiful landscapes then this novel is the right choice.

Sally Rooney – Normal People

The strange relationship between two teenagers makes it the best book to read during the quarantine. It’s a story about two teenagers grew up in the same town. Connell is liked by everyone and is very popular in school while Marianne is a lonely, proud girl. They studied at the same school and after finishing school joins the same university but throughout these years, they pretend that they don’t know each other.

Pretended strangers yet drew magnetically towards each other. This story shows us how two opposite persons fall in love with each other. It is the story of love and friendship between two seemingly mismatched people. This novel won the Costa Novel Award in 2018.

Kristin Cashore Graceling’s is the best book to read in Quarantine

If you love to read fantasy stories then check out this one. This story is about a girl who is ‘Graced’ or gifted. She can kill anyone without using any weapon. This skill makes her an efficient killer. Kasta lives with her uncle King Randa since her childhood. She was forced to use her skills until she met with the man graced with combat skills. How Kasta learn the truth about her grace? Read the novel to get the answer.

Here we have mentioned the top 3 best novels to help you reduce your boredom during the quarantine. You can search for more novels online and place an order on Amazon to receive your favorite novel at your doorstep within a few days.


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